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Traditional Advertising

The cornerstones of traditional advertising are the tagline and the campaigns that spring from it. These are the crown jewels that every ad agency holds in a secret place inside their halls.

The truth is this gem comes in and out the door every day and it’s called creativity. We were born creative and our traditional advertising chops prove it. Great campaigns come from great brands. 

Big Wave is Current


Branding comes first. Always and forever. And there are two main components to yours: what it looks like and what it sounds like. Together, they will create your overall brand feeling. Yes, we’re talking about feelings. We start our branding with a Key Executive, Key Employee and Key Customer Surveys. We deliver a Brand Messaging Platform and Brand Guidelines that every company with a great brand owns.

Marketing Plans

See if this sounds right for a marketing plan: start with big ideas and blue sky scenarios. Water them down, but keep the gold, with the realities of your budget numbers. Slice up those dollars and put them into buckets for each channel. Picks some dates, get your media buyer to ask for more money for all of them, then keep you fingers crossed. We do that, but we write up, and stick to, a plan.

Check out OUR PORTFOLIO of work.

Internal Branding

Allow a metaphor to explain how important internal branding is to your company success. Luke Skywalker can’t take down the external foe (the Death Star) until he conquers the internal demon inside (his doubt). Remember “Use the Force, Luke.”? We deliver easy to implement internal brand champion plans that all organizations need to truly be great. P.S. I don’t go for the new Star Wars “franchise.”

Research & Positioning

We do three kinds of research: Executive, Customer and Employee. Asking the right questions in the right way is a good start. Turning the answers into something that will propel the brand forward leads to positioning. We diagram multiple Market Positioning Maps that help you understand where you’re at and where you need to go, if anywhere. ¬†Positioning is about the truth and getting your brand in an honest place with honest messaging that rings true in any advertising channel.



Taglines & Campaigns

The end results of our branding exercise is yields a good many actionable items. The greatest of them all and the cherry on top of the branding sundae is your tagline. It tells new prospects what you do and how you do it and it does it with wit and bevity. Any Jacksonville ad agency will do the same, but our branding makes this more effective. ¬†The campaigns that depend on this tagline need to reinforce your unique selling proposition. Afterall, that’s what makes you you.

A Jacksonville Ad Agency That Thinks Like a Customer

Check out our portfolio of work. What you’ll see are ads that delighted our clients and made a real difference for their brands. All this traditional ad agency output stands on the shoulders of our excellent branding. We’re the best branding agency in Florida. Ask us to prove it.

Start a Conversation

We are happy to listen to you pain points and let you know how we would address them. You can expect big ideas from Big Wave.

Get Faster

Google tells us our site loads in a blazing fast 2.4 seconds. Site load time is key to conversions, engagement and more. Want your site to load faster and convert more? Tell us about it.

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