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Digital Advertising
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More than just a Ponte Vedra Beach digital ad agency. We are your complete online advertising source. Every piece of your online advertising needs to be in sync. It starts with a strong SEO strategy that builds the platform for your marketing plan. It ends with you ranking well and your ads posting the right numbers.

Our Local SEO service uses with an “Authority-Building Plan” that is the foundation of all that follows, mostly relevant content. On top of that, your WordPress website becomes your lead generator and prospect converter. Together your online game is BIG.


SEO Authority

Google searches for answers to questions that your customers are asking. When they find the best answer, it is coming from someone they consider an authority on the subject. How we put you in that position is with a simple strategy backed up by commonly-used search terms. In the end, we hope to rank you organically for those questions with quality contect that rises to the top.


Advertising comes in many forms these days, but the two main digital players today are Google AdWords and Facebook. We handle milllions of dollars online annually. We like AdWords, especially for non-profits. We’re also experienced enough to be able to roll out go-to-market brand-breaking campaigns across many online platforms, depending on message, budget and positioning.

Check out our portfolio of work.


If you’re not remarketing, then you’re missing a big number of sales. Research has reported that it take seven “touches” before a sale takes place. When we build a site, one of the first things we do is put the remarketing code in there; even if there’s no plans yet to go that route. With remarketing, you’ve entered the world of data collection that builds an loyal and appreciative audience.

Cost Per Click – We Go Low

Online success boils down to getting your bid cost right, your ad tight and your Cost Per Click (CPC) as low as possible. We have a tremendous track record of being able to get low, low, low click costs. Adwords are a big part of digital marketing Jacksonville, so let’s do it. How? This is our strength: we write good ads. We get the right information from you, and we optimized the ads with Google to get every extra advantage we can for you. Give us a try and in one month you’ll see the results.

Social Media Mavericks

Let us do a digital audit of your social media plan. Will Facebook and Instagram be where you will generate leads? Or will Google and an e-mail CRM make more sense? When you work with Big Wave, we bring the full arsenal of advertising options to the table. And we do it backed by years of experience. We also use the better research of other people. Plus we’ve been around the social media block and know where to get the results. Big Wave creates ads that absolutely rock the feeds and get the clicks. The best part? We can prove it in as little as 2 weeks.

Local SEO Is HOT

  • Local SEO is where Google wants you to be

  • Local SEO is for any business that isn’t global

  • Local SEO is a tied to Google My Business

big wave digital in Ponte Vedra Beach ad agency


  • Local SEO is a spam haven

  • We clean out the junk

  • You will see dramatic results

  • We are the only Ponte Vedra Beach digital ad agency

Ponte Vedra Beach Digital Ad Agency

Check out our portfolio of work here. We work hard to meet whatever goals our client’s have and guide them along using industry best-practices. If we don’t do it well, we don’t offer it. If you see it here on in our portfolio, we feel confident in our ability to get results.

Start a Conversation

We are happy to listen to you pain points and let you know how we would address them. You can expect big ideas from Big Wave.

Get Faster

Google tells us our site loads in a blazing fast 2.4 seconds. Site load time is key to conversions, engagement and more. Want your site to load faster and convert more? Tell us about it.

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