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Direct Mail Samples

University of North Florida’s Continuing Education Direct Mail

Two separate campaigns with the goal of getting attendees to their Logistics information meeting.

I wanted to use the mascot as a way to drive home the message and make it visually arresting.

This “Make Your Move” campaign was more literal and masculilne.

Both campaigns saw record numbers of attendees. Yes, there was a phone number and other info on the back, just not depicted here.

Hugo’s Fine Furniture Direct Mail

Goal was to show off the new brand, the exterior upgrades, and enable foot traffic.

E-mail Campaigns

There is a parallax effect on the page, that’s why the image looks weird. Here’s that live landing page for Big Fun Foto Booth

Ways to Save

Dr. Heekin’s New Clinic e-mail

Dr. Heekin was forcibly ousted from the practice he started, JOI, and this “New Mission” positioning was critical to his new brand.

Landing Page:

Speakman Showerheads

A national client with consumer and commercial products.

After they dowloaded the PDF, they were redirected to the page below.

After they clicked the Purchase here button, the were directed to the commercial home page.

Social Media Campaigns

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Hi Erica,
Many of the designs you see here were either made by me or at my direction with the help of a graphic artist/web designer. I am not the world’s greatest designer, and excel at longer term campaign ideas that connect with the goals. My campaigns get very high open rates, often in the upper 20 and 30%s.

Thank you for clicking around and if you have any questions, you can use the comment box or just email as we have been.

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