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Jacksonville Digital Marketing Firm Responds to Hurricane Irma

First it was Hurricane Matthew that sent me and my family, a family of a Jacksonville Digital Marketing firm, running for Tallahassee. When we returned home, we cleaned up what we needed to in our Ponte Vedra Beach adjacent neighborhood and then headed out to help others. Admittedly, most of the neighborhoods in our area are affluent or affluent-adjacent, so they have their own means to clean up.

Further, most of the damage was fallen trees, branches and other heavy things. Since I spend most of my time on my ass in front of a computer like you, I wasn’t about to start lifting tons of dead lumber. I’m a Jacksonville digital marketing firm with offices in Ponte Vedra Beach, and 4 in Jacksonville. I can be lazy and fat all over town. My response to Hurricane Irma was much like it was for Matthew, but with a twist.

Along with being a Jacksonville digital marketing firm, I also own a photo booth called Big Fun Foto. In the past, I have donated my booth to take photo booth style pictures of shelter dogs to help them find forever homes. So this time, with the Jacksonville Humane Society having to postpone their grand opening event, it looks like I will be able to donate my Big Fun Foto Booth, a Jacksonville photo booth rental company, to this wonderful organization.

Hurricane Irma, like Hurricane Matthew, did a lot of damage along our beaches. How Big Wave Digital Marketing responded was by doing a beach clean-up for three days in a row after each event. For Matthew, the authorities closed down the beach and used the parking lot as a staging area for the beach renewal plans they carried out. For Irma, the beach also got wiped out, but there was no restoration effort.

Why? Because we spent all the money on restoring after Matthew. New sand was brought in, it is now all gone. Dune restoration was done. Now it, too, is all gone. Worse, beach erosion happened so that older pylons once used are now exposed. These are dangerous and jagged stumps of docking that now lurk just below the breakers, right where little kids, and big kids, would enter the ocean. It is also right in front of where a life guard would be, making it more dangerous.

All in all, the response from this Jacksonville digital marketing firm has been one of support but also sadness that all the efforts from last year are now wiped away and made worse.


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