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Ponte Vedra Beach Digital Marketing Breakthrough

What every Ponte Vedra Beach small to medium business owner wants, or should want, in today’s digital world is to climb up the Google search results rankings. What they’re looking for is a Ponte Vedra Beach digital marketing breakthrough. Does such a thing exist? Is there a way to breakthrough all the competition and reach the first page of Google?

Yes, and it’s called SEO and more importantly, Local SEO. Of course, I’m talking about Google and here’s how you breakthrough in three steps:

Step One: Add Google My Business to Your Plan

For a Ponte Vedra Beach Digital Marketing Breakthrough, add Google My Business as an important local SEO factor that helps customers find you by location. You’ll need a G-mail account and to create the listing, but that’s it. It’s free. That’s a good start. One more important thing to do is to make sure that your name, address and phone number are consistently used across all your digital fingerprint.

You can add multiple locations so making sure that your NAP is exactly the same makes this feature more important.

Set Two: Report Spam to Google

There’s no faster way to achieve a Ponte Vedra Beach Digital Marketing Breakthrough than reporting the listings that you see along with yours that look suspicious or repeats. Here’s the link to send it to Google.

Many companies have illegal back links that spam up real results. Google wants them gone as much as you do. Once again, you will need a Gmail or Google account to report it, but there have been as many at three duplicate entries clogging up a very short list on the front page. Climbing three spots on the front page can take months. This effort is well reward in just a few minutes. Google has to agree with you, of course.

Step Three: Get Google Reviews

Five star reviews are maybe the most reliable and beneficial ways for a Ponte Vedra Beach digital marketing breakthrough. Getting them is easy, but you have to ask for them and keep your fingers crossed. The way to ask for them is this; tell your customer to Google your brand, and when you show up in the results, you will be on the right hand side with a featured sidebar window. There they will find the Google Review button.

Biggest Reminder to Get a Ponte Vedra Beach Digital Marketing Breakthrough

Do all of the above and more consistently. Blogging is also a must-do for a PVB digital marketing breakthrough. Yes, it’s a pain in the neck to do even the blogging, and all of them doesn’t make life easier, but if you’re looking for a breakthrough, this is how to do it.

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